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November 2014, Nicosia

TED is about storytelling. Over the past 30 years, more than 500,000,000 people have viewed a TED Talk
from more than 10,000 events worldwide featuring more than 17,000 speakers


About TED

TED is a nonprofit organization devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. Started as a four-day conference in California 30 years ago, TED has grown to support its mission with multiple initiatives. The two annual TED Conferences invite the world's leading thinkers and doers to speak for 18 minutes or less. Many of these talks are then made available, free, at TED.com. TED speakers have included Bill Gates, Jane Goodall, Elizabeth Gilbert, Sir Richard Branson, Nandan Nilekani, Philippe Starck, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Sal Khan and Daniel Kahneman.

About TEDx

x = independently organized event
In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TED Talks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized. 

TED / Universities

Universities exist as pillars of knowledge and share similar values to those shared by TED. Many of the ideas conveyed at TED talks have been imagined, innovated and thought-of in a lab, research centre or classroom of a University. Universities around the world continue to create some of the most fascinating ideas worth spreading. TEDxUniversityofNicosia is the first University TEDx in Cyprus. The University of Nicosia is the leading private University in Cyprus and is actively involved in supporting events that contribute to making Cyprus a more knowledge-driven society.


get inspired by great people

Our speakers are planning outstanding multimedia presentations designed to elucidate and enlighten while our performers are preparing to awe us with their creativity.

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Monsieur Doumani

Melodic, meaningful and modern take on Cypriot folk roots
These three men claim that they "specialise in smoking, drinking Grappa and playing music from the island of Cyprus". Thankfully it appears to be the latter pursuit that they concentrate on most as they draw deep from the musical well of their homeland. They do this through acoustic guitar (often slide), the bouzouki-like tzouras, and woodwind, especially flute and trombone. But the respect they show Cypriot folk music doesn't prevent them from cutting loose; they shift from heavy to playful in the blink of an eye. It's an approach that's seen them nominated in the Best Newcomer category at this year's Songlines Music Awards. And then there's their own songwriting, often satirical, often outspoken on the plight of young Cypriots in an economically volatile world. "The wheels will finally turn/And the poor people will smile again/We cannot suffer this any more/We won't be obeying you any more…"
Nige Tassell - WOMAD 2014

Simon Beck

According to the Telegraph, «British artist Simon Beck takes walking in a winter wonderland to a whole new level, creating stunning geometric designs in the snow just by walking in a pair of snowshoes”.  On November 15th TEDx University of Nicosia welcomes Simon Beck on the stage to showcase his amazing art by looking deeper at his creative process. 

Simon Beck was born in London and grew up in Southern England.  Simon went to school at Millfield, Somerset one of the most influential schools in England for young talents.  Following that Simon graduated from University Oxford (Engineering science) (Wadham College).  However, he never settled into office jobs and therefore spent the majority of his working life surveying orienteering maps. Although he was reasonably good at competitive orienteering he never took part in the world champs.  In 2004 he “bo...ught” as he says, an apartment in the ski resort of Les Arcs and did a lot of skiing but soon started making patterns on the snow and gradually started to take the drawing more seriously until now he does much more drawing than skiing.

Simon also makes drawings on the beach, and likes hiking, bell ringing and photography. Finally, in his own words, “I also used to like surfing the internet for fun before they ruined it.”

Andreas Araouzos

Andreas Araouzos is the founder and director or Alpha Square theatre-productions Company in Cyprus, since 2003, having directed, adapted, translated and acted in a number of plays in both English and Greek. He studied Mathematics and Management in Manchester, followed with an MBA in Cyprus and he has taken courses in Acting and in Directing in London. He has been a collaborator in the Sunday edition of Phileleftheros newspaper and the theatre editor of TimeOut Cyprus. His first stage play “The Rich Also Cry” was staged in 2007 by Theatro Ena, Nicosia. He has published a collection of his articles, entitled “I Have an Issue: Substantial Triviality” (2012) and has a blog, www.substantial-triviality.com.


Word of Mouth – Beatbox Team is the productive collaboration of two of the finest beatboxers Greece has to offer.  Bitman and El Pap Chico, both from Athens, started beatboxing in the early 90's and joined forces in 2007. They visualise beatbox in their own creative way via a combination of beatbox rhythms and theatrical moves, using numerous stage light techniques and audience participation.

As professional beatboxers they count hundreds of live shows and have opened for artists Snoop Doggy Dog (US), Lords of the Underground (US) and Phy-Life Cypher (UK).  They have performed for GOOGLE, MTV UK and have also taken part as official speakers at TEDx Athens, 2011. In 2009 they participated in the Beatbox Battle World Championship – Team Battle and had special beatbox showcases at the American Human Beatbox Festival, 2012 (New York - USA) and the Nescafe Beatbox Battle, 2012 (Sofia, BUG).  Recently they have started working on stage with skillful DJ MODE from Greece - Beat4Battle Champion of 2011- for the presentation of their upcoming LP in 2014. 

Christos Passas

Christos Passas, Architect
B.Arch(Hons), AAGradDesDipl, ETEK, ARB

Christos was born in Famagusta and grew up in Cyprus. He gained his Architectural degree at the School of Architecture of Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY in 1995, as a Fulbright Scholar and continued his studies in the field of Advanced Architectural Design at the Architectural Association, London, where he graduated in 1998.

An Associate Director at Zaha Hadid Architects, he has worked with the firm since February 1998. Project Designer for seminal projects including the Stirling Prize nominee, the Phaeno Science Center Wolfsburg, completed in 2005, now leads the projects for Eleftheria Square renovation, the OPUS, BEKO, Dominion M and others.

In 2007, he returned to the AA to teach Parametric Design and Urbanism with Patrik Schumacher. He served as Guest DAAD Professor at the Dessau Institute of Architecture (Dessau) until 2012, were he held his own Master Design Studio researching notions of Architecture with a strong interest in innovative technologies and design.

Nassos Zervopoulos

On November 15th TEDx University of Nicosia is asking us to LOOK DEEPER - metaphorically and literally as seen by our speaker Nassos Zervopoulos. An underwater cinematographer and scuba diver instructor, Nassos will take us on a voyage to explore the deep blue and our deepest and most altruistic feelings.

Nassos Zervopoulos is an underwater cinematographer based in Athens, Greece, sustaining a 20-year close relationship with the sea. His experience as a technical diver and instructor allows him to capture footage of the most challenging and captivating underwater scenery all over the world. Nassos has shared the lessons he has learned in the water in various ways throughout his career. His film Fyssalida which deals with a divers’ effort to reconcile with the sea after a crippling diving accident, was inspired by his work as a disabled divers instructor. When he isn’t filming underwater, Nassos focuses on instructing children divers, disabled divers and first aid seminars, as a way of giving back to diving and investing in the future.

Susana Pavlou

On November 15th TEDx University of Nicosia welcomes Susana Pavlou, Director of MIGS, one of the leading research institutes on Gender Studies in the region. Susana will challenge us to LOOK DEEPER at rape culture and force us to deconstruct preconceptions and prejudices in relation to sexual violence. Her talk will uncover settling truths, but in her own words, “it is necessary to challenge the normalization of sexual violence against women in our society”.

Susana Elisa Pavlou holds a BA in Political Science from the State University of New York at Stony Brook and an MSc in International Politics with an area concentration in the Middle East from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), London University. Susana is currently Director at the Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies (MIGS). Susana has extensive experience in the coordination and management of projects, in gender equality training and education, and in gender research and analysis, with particular expertise on issues of gender and social policy, and violence against women. Susana is a Member of the Advisory Committee for the Prevention and Combating of Family Violence, National Expert for the European Network of Experts in Gender Equality, and Expert at the EWL Observatory on Violence against Women. She is serving a third term as Board Member of the European Women’s Lobby and is a member of the Executive Committee.

Nicoletta Demetriou

Have you ever asked yourselves, do I have a debt towards life? It is a question one needs to LOOK DEEPER to answer. On November 15th at TEDx University of Nicosia, and taking the cue from her own work as an ethnomusicologist and life writing researcher, Nicoletta Demetriou will talk about our purpose in life and our debt towards life. She will take us through her journey of what it’s like to meet new people, to talk to them, to learn from them, and through that to learn about one’s own feelings.

Nicoletta Demetriou studied music in Thessaloniki, Vienna, and London. Her PhD (School of Oriental and African Studies [SOAS], University of London, 2008) was in the field of ethnomusicology. Her research focuses on Cypriot traditional music, and particularly on how issues pertaining to ideology, politics, and identity influence the way traditional music is discussed and performed. She has also studied creative writing, specializing in life (auto/biographical) writing. Her current research is an attempt to bring ethnomusicology and life writing together, focusing on the lives of traditional music performers. Since 2012 Nicoletta has been a research fellow in ethnomusicology and life writing at Wolfson College, University of Oxford, and also a tutor in narrative non-fiction on Oxford’s Master of Studies in Creative Writing.

Fabian Sixtus Körner

“Dudes and Dudettes, I am taking it to the road, traveling as a Design-Journeyman to work for food and accommodation all over the planet. Follow my stories about the projects I do and the adventures I experience”

Fabian Sixtus Körner has an insatiable appetite for life. He is an Author, Designer, Traveller and “Addict of the Good Things in Life” and on Saturday, 15 November he will be sharing his experiences at TEDx University of Nicosia. Fabian spent two-and-a-half years travelling to all of the world’s populated continents, where he worked as an architect, designer and photographer in exchange for nothing more than room and board. In 2012 he returned to his native Germany, where he published an account of his experiences.

Fabian is a multidisciplinary creative enthusiast and doesn’t stick to one profession. After fashion design, architecture, graphic design, photography and documentary movies he wrote a book about his travels. Stories of Journeyman was published in 2013 and has become an international bestseller and has since been translated into different languages. Fabian resides in Berlin (when not travelling).

Stefanos Loukakos

Each epoch we live through requires certain skills to strive, to succeed, to excel. Google has propelled us into a digital age and has created the tools that allow us to push forward into newer more creative, more advanced heights. Stefanos Loukakos is Country Director of Google Greece and will be on the stage of TEDx University of Nicosia on November 15th to show us how current technologies enrich our lives in the digital age.

Stefanos Loukakos has been Country Director of Google Greece since January 2010. Before arriving at Google he served as CEO of broadband operator Hellas Online and Senior Executive at HSBC Investment Bank in Paris and London. Stefanos has an MBA from INSEAD, Paris and a Master’s Degree in Economics and Engineering from Stanford University and University of California, Berkeley in the US.

He is an amateur marathon and triathlon runner.

Menelaos Apostolou

Approximately one in three men and one every two women face one or more forms of sexual dysfunction. There are several mechanisms involved in regulating human sexual functioning. Evolutionary psychology provides deeper insights in understanding why some of these mechanisms dysfunction. On November 15th Menelaos Apostolou, a world-renowned evolutionary psychologist and expert in human mating, will be on the stage of TEDx University of Nicosia giving us his insights into the role evolutionary psychology plays in sexual functioning.

Menelaos Apostolou was born in Athens, Greece. He moved to the United Kingdom to study at the University of Lancaster and later pursued post-graduate studies at the University of Warwick. During his Ph.D. research he conducted original work in the area of parent-offspring conflict over mating. After completing his studies he moved to Cyprus where he is now an Assistant Professor in Psychology at the University of Nicosia. The focus of his research is the use of evolutionary theory in understanding human behavior, an endeavor known as evolutionary psychology. Apart from psychology he has made contributions in other fields, including family science, evolutionary theory, anthropology and behavioral economics.

Ken Hughes

Ken Hughes is Europe’s leading consumer and shopper behaviouralist, and a global thought leader in the areas of shopper psychology, behavioural economics and neuromarketing.  His work in behaviouralism has led him on an interesting journey, realising that most organisations and individuals fail to make the most of what they have, lacking creativity, and repeating the same mistakes and average performances again and again

He is currently nearing the end of a personal experiment – a year in which he he would experience something playful, something risky, something new that he had never done before, every day, for a year. Although it started off as a personal journey it quickly spread to those around him, in both his personal and professional life. Play, risk, creativity, and innovation is now a big part of Ken’s approach to helping his blue-chip clients stimulate their organizational creativity, and by extension their innovation. ‘My passion’ Ken states ‘is to motivate others to unleash their creativity through a blend of discovery, fun, play, mischief and risks. One you get started, it’s addictive’Ken’s approach to helping his blue chip clients stimulate their organizational creativity, and by extension their innovation. ‘My passion’ Ken states, ‘is to motivate others to unleash their creativity through a blend of discovery, fun, play, mischief and risk. Once you get started, it’s addictive’.

Mick Hagen

How can a Startup succeed?  One way of finding out is by asking someone who has managed this – more than once.  Mick Hagen’s first startup, Zinch, raised 5 million dollars.  He then created Undrip and was selected to present at Techcrunch Disrupt.  As if Zinch and Undrip weren’t enough, Mick is at it again.  His current startup – Spatch, a decentralized communication protocol built on top of email.  How does he do it?  To succeed, especially if it’s a tech startup, one needs to look deeper at all the variables involved.  Development, innovation, communication and a whole lot more.  We’ll be asking Mick at TEDx University of Nicosia on November 15th.       

After dropping out of Princeton University, Mick founded Zinch, an ed-tech company connecting students globally with opportunities in higher education. Mick helped Zinch grow to an international, 8-figure revenue-run-rate startup that served millions of students and 800+ colleges & universities worldwide. After six years, Zinch was acquired by Chegg (CHGG, NYSE) for $45mm. Mick is currently re-imagining digital communication (email) with his latest startup, Spatch. 

Mick has been named to the v100 (Top high tech entrepreneurs) and Top 40 business persons under 40 by Utah Business Magazine. Mick's work has been featured in the New York Times, Boston Globe, US News, Washington Post, CNN, and ABC among others.

Mick has been a speaker and panellist at various industry events and conferences including TC Disrupt, TedX, and Entrepreneurship Forum. His writing has been featured in various newspapers and magazines, including Fortune Magazine and Techcrunch

Mick currently lives with his wife and two young children in London. Mick loves design, sports programming and hip hop. You can learn more about Mick at http://mickhagen.com

Stavriana Kofteros

Startup Catalyst. Entrepreneurship Evangelist.
From naval aviator dreams to evangelizing entrepreneurship and startups in politics. Stavriana is the Special Entrepreneurship & Development Adviser and Deputy Spokesperson of a major political party.  She is Curator of Startup Digest Cyprus, Startup Live Cyprus & Startup Weekend Cyprus Organizer, Startup Cyprus Initiative Evangelist, StartupLive Academy mentor and World Startup Report Ambassador to name a few.
Building on her experience as CEO of the Diogenes Business Incubator of the University of Cyprus, with over decade years’ experience in incubation and commercialization she holds degrees in Business Administration and Political Science from University of La Verne, California, and in Entrepreneurship Development from MIT.  She has experience in management positions in a variety of industries, ranging from telecoms to advertising and business incubation. She was the Vice President of the Business Professional Women’s (BPW) Nicosia Club for 5 years, and Board member of the Cyprus Business Incubators Association. She coaches and teaches Entrepreneurship Development, Strategy & Business Planning, Business Management, Startup basics, Networking, Pitching and academic entrepreneurship. She expresses her views on the internet and directly through presentations on entrepreneurship, innovation and startups.
Vision: Make meaning. Facilitate Change. #StartupCyprus

Day job: Special Entrepreneurship & RDI Adviser & Deputy Press Spokesperson @ one of Cyprus’ major political parties. 

Yiorgos Chrysanthou

Playing a computer game can teach us a lot about a specific subject. Writing a computer game can help us look even deeper at the subject theme of the game. Computer Scientist Yiorgos Chrysanthou will demonstrate this at TEDx University of Nicosia through a specific example, using 19th century Nicosia as the subject.

Yiorgos L. Chrysanthou is an Associate Professor at the Computer Science Department of the University of Cyprus, where he is heading the Graphics and Hypermedia lab. He received his PhD from Queen Mary and Westfield College and taught for several years at University College London before returning back home. Yiorgos has published over 65 papers in journals and international conferences on computer graphics and virtual reality and is a co-author of the book "Computer Graphics and Virtual Environments: From Realism to Real-Time", (Addison-Wesley 2001 + China Machine Press 2004). He has been an invited speaker and a program chair for several international conferences and has attracted funding for over 20 research proposals. Yiorgos is currently working on augmented reality, 3D modeling, character simulation, affective computing and serious games. He is also the director, at UCY, of the MSc in Computer Games and Interactive Technologies.

Antonis Kallis

Antonis Kallis is possibly the one speaker of TEDx University of Nicosia who will demonstrate how we do not have to look deeper anymore – at least when it comes to the maritime industry.  As Head of Communications R&D of SignalGeneriX, Antonis will take us through life-saving technologies that are being innovated here in Cyprus.   On November 15th at TEDxUNic find out why today, Cyprus can also be considered an award-winning R&D hub in the area of shipping.

Dr. Antonis Kallis is the head of the communications R&D unit at SignalGeneriX Ltd., which specializes in the development of intellectual property products and processes over a broad range of applications in Digital Signal Processing and Communications.

The project has received funding form the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme and was given a 2014 Lloyd’s List Innovation Award.

A recent paper Dr. Kalis co-authored with O. Alrabadi, C. B. Papadias and R. Prasad was nominated for the Marconi Prize Paper Award. He has numerous journal and conference publications, a US patent, and the 2000 Chester Sall Memorial Award of the Consumer Electronics Society. Dr. Kalis’s research output has drawn the interest of the scientific community, underlined by a significant number of invited talks at institutions such as Bell Labs, Princeton University, Carnegie Mellon University, the University of Trento and the University of Piraeus, among others, and IEEE tutorials. He has held academic positions at Carnegie Mellon University, Athens Information Technology and at Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya.

Atlum Schema

«I like to call music the language that universally expresses the inexpressible...  music is what pulses through my veins, it's my first love creatively. The stuff I write I do so as a response to my processing of the world, I guess in some ways you could call it my therapy».

The UK’s Atlum Schema, the brainchild of musician and writer Andy Mort, has been confirmed to appear at TEDx University of Nicosia on Saturday, 15 November 2014.
Andy recently spent two-and-a-half years caring for a friend who had been tragically diagnosed with a rapidly debilitating and imprisoning form of Lewy Body Dementia. The experience gave Andy a fresh perspective on the fragile nature of human existence and inspired his fourth album, Year 0, which he released, as Atlum Schema, earlier this year. Year 0 is an ambient-spirited, reflective, and very human search: it confronts themes of loss, the frailty of the human body, the potential strength of the human spirit and the absurd attention and importance we give to futile things.

Andy Mort is a UK based musician and writer who performs as Atlum Schema. He is the founder of SheepDressedLikeWolves.com, which is a Blog and Podcast aimed at encouraging introverted and highly sensitive people to embrace their creativity and push against the expectations of an often overwhelming world.

Andy released his fourth album, Year 0 in 2014 after spending two and a half years acquiring an inadvertent fresh perspective on the fragile nature of human existence. He helped care for a friend who had been tragically diagnosed with a rapidly debilitating and imprisoning form of Lewy Body Dementia in 2011.

Andy's response was an ambient spirited, reflective, and very human search; confronting themes of loss, the frailty of the human body, the potential strength of human spirit and the absurd attention and importance we give to futile things.

Adam Price

The Guardian Newspaper has called Adam Price “brilliant” and “one of the brightest of a new generation of heterodox politicians”.  We have asked Adam to speak at TEDxUniversityofNicosia not as a politician going toe to toe with former world leaders; neither as a frequent contributor of The BBC and The Guardian and neither as a successful tech startup creator.  Adam is public innovation lead for Nesta in Wales and knows exactly what it takes to make environments more creative.  He has hands on experience in revolutionizing and making cities more creative and will be on stage talking about the importance of space in innovation.

Adam Price is Public Innovation Lead with UK innovation foundation Nesta.  He’s a two-term former Plaid Cymru (Welsh Nationalist) Member of the British Parliament and Harvard Kennedy School Fellow, a television presenter, writer and researcher on social and public service innovation and the economics of small countries.  He is currently building a public innovation lab as part of the world’s first social science park, and leads Nesta’s work on innovative spaces. His tech start-up www.ideoba.com is based in New York and his native Wales.  

Blaine Price

Smart digital devices are no longer restricted to phones and tablets and along with their advancements come changes in human behavior and health levels. Blaine Price, computer Scientist and Researcher at the Open University UK, will be on the stage of TEDx University of Nicosia to talk about a technological tipping point that allows ordinary people to gather data about themselves. 

These are technologies that concern our physiology, behaviour and even our genetics at a level previously only available to elite athletes and expensive medical laboratories. This gives us all an opportunity to look deeper into ourselves and use the tools to take control of our lives to achieve goals that were previously difficult or impossible.

Blaine Price completed postgraduate work at the University of Toronto before moving to the UK, where he is a Senior Lecturer in Computing. He is on the European Network Information Security Agency’s expert group that studied the risks and benefits of emerging lifelogging technologies. He is a member of the Chartered Society of Forensics Sciences, the Association for Computing Machinery and the British Computer Society. He is Principal and Co-Investigator on a number of grants studying various aspects of ubiquitous computing and self-quantification technologies, including privacy management and how such data can be used by ordinary people to better understand themselves. In 2013 his research was featured on the BBC Science documentary series Horizon in an episode entitled Monitor Me.


YONDERBOI started experimenting with music as a teenager and soon after earned the award, ‘upcoming musician of the year’. He was the youngest member of the downtempo movement happening around the millennium, and the only musician from the former Eastern Bloc. Yonderboi’s style of music is difficult to pinpoint because it is extremely conceptual and combines a wide range of sources and musical styles. Yonderboi has released three studio albums so far, which he considers to be a trilogy: Shallow And Profound, Splendid Isolation and Passive Control. His music is often licensed to films, TV, fashion shows and video games.

Besides his musical talent he often utilizes his visual creativity as well. Yonder shoots his own photos and videos and designs album covers and stage sets for his shows. In 2012 he founded his own record-label called Yonderland, which will be the home for future Yonderboi releases. 


Dimitris Spyrou

Dimitris Spyrou, Acapella Solo Loop, has many voices.  Each one layers on another and reminds us of fairy tales and places and times that may or may not exist.  Dimitris uses instruments without touching them, uses instruments made by him, uses instruments that others see as just every day objects.  Dimitris kicks off TEDx University of Nicosia with unforgettable looping sounds setting the scene for a day by connecting us all with the performers and speakers that follow.  

Dimitris was born in Limassol and began experimenting with music, song-writing and theatre at a very young age.  He soon realized that music can be used as a catalyst for communicating with your inner self.  Dimitris has a unique approach to music. His creative process focuses on his voice as an instrument and uses every day objects and beautiful and unexpected looping progressions.  As Acapella solo Loop he has created the album Ανησυχίες ενός ήρεμου μυαλού, and has composed music for theatrical plays and is often involved in theatrical performances 

Panos Zavos

Panos Zavos is Professor Emeritus at the University of Kentucky in Reproductive Physiology/Andrology and other Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ARTs).  He is recognized worldwide as a leading researcher, public speaker, pioneer and a strong authority in the areas of male reproductive medicine, gamete physiology, male infertility, smoking and reproduction, Andrology and study of human reproduction along with other ART procedures.  On November 15th Panos Zavos will present how stem cells can be used for numerous medical purposes, from burn victims to people suffering from infertility issues.  Professor Panos Zavos is on a quest to improve the lives of millions of people all over the world and will be on the stage of TEDx University of Nicosia to tell us how.     

Professor Zavos has a long career as a world-renowned reproductive specialist and has devoted more than 40 years of his life to academia, research and clinical services.  Dr. Zavos has numerous scientific collaborations nationally and internationally and his publications have appeared in more than fifteen languages, globally. He is a current or past member of many professional and scientific societies, among them, the American Fertility Society, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, the American Society of Andrology, the Middle East Fertility Society, The Japanese Society of Andrology, International Society of Cryobiology.  He also serves as a member of the Board of Directors and advisor of several Companies and Foundations and has addressed the Congress of the United States twice, the American Academy of Sciences and has participated at the Oxford Union Debates.  He has received a great deal of worldwide media coverage both within the scientific and reproductive arena and the mainstream press for his research on stem cell research and human cloning technology development.  Dr. Zavos was the first scientist to successfully perform intra-uterine inseminations in humans and the first to create human SCNT prepared embryos for reproductive purposes and use them for ET in women. His many television and radio appearances include: CBS 60 Minutes, Dateline NBC, BBC World, BBC Talking Point, Tech TV, The Larry King Show with Larry King (CNN), CBS’s This Morning with Bryant Gumbel, National Geographic TV, The Discovery Channel and numerous other global media outlets.



What do we expect, and why? What surprises us, and why? Some of us dread the unexpected, some of us embrace it. And some of us pursue it…


Welcome Note

Nicholas Nicoli Curator

Welcome Note

Andreas Araouzos Host

Dimitris Spyrou Acapella solo loop - Loop deeper

Susana Pavlou Challenging the normalization of sexual violence against women

Menelaos Apostolou Sexual dysfunctions: An evolutionary perspective

Nassos Zervopoulos Aquatic look

TED Talk Video Optical illusions show how we see by Beau Lotto

Break | Parallel Experiences

Innovative Subtleties

Yes, the axe is incredible, a thick piece of triangular metal with a blade. It’s been perfect pretty much since it was invented. But we can continue to improve the handle, can’t we? The smaller innovations, while perhaps less obvious, are within our grasp.

Yonderboi Sustainable Development?

Antonis Kallis Technology that saves lives at sea

Mick Hagen / Stavriana Kofteros Deep sea startups

Simon Beck Looking deeper at snow drawing: An analytical approach

TED Talk Video Building unimaginable shapes by Michael Hansmeyer

Lunch Break | Parallel Experiences

Digital Life

Are any of us not living a digital life? Everything we do these days – work, meals, birthday parties, a 10K run…we can reduce it to a series of 0s and 1s and share it with each other. One day the only place we might find paper is beside a toilet.

Atlum Schema There is an artist in everyone: Notice what you notice

Yiorgos Chrysanthou Game Development as a tool

Christos Passas Design thinking

Stefanos Loukakos Technology and life

TED Talk Video Cute, sexy, sweet, funny by Dan Dennett

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The North Face tells us to never stop exploring, but we think Tennyson puts it best: "Come, my friends. 'T is not too late to seek a newer world…my purpose holds to sail beyond the sunset, and the baths of all the western stars, until I die."

Monsieur Doumani Root Route

Nicoletta Demetriou Look deeper... write!

Fabian Sixtus Körner Through the eyes of others

Ken Hughes Time Bending: 365 ways to unlock creativity and innovation

TED Talk Video What you don't know about marriage by Jenna McCarthy

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It makes a cloudy day sunny. It makes the past present, the future visible…it takes us aloft. All you have to do is dream. It’s the flowerbed in which everything blooms.

Panos Zavos The future of Stem Cells and their Use in Organ Transplantation: Fantasy or reality

Blaine Price Am I Normal? Why self-quantification is for everyone

Adam Price Space Matters

Word of Mouth I am beatbox

TED Talk Video Don't be afraid of the blank sheet by Ricky Nierva


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